Friday, October 31, 2008
Curling Event - Department Outing
4:02 AM

One of GSK's big boss came down to tonbridge yesterday. So there was a Curling event organized at Fenton's Rink to welcome & "entertain" him.

It was held on Thursday night, and it's really an eyeopener!! haha. havent heard of Curling before this actually.

anyway, kind of difficult to explain how the game's being played. but if u go search in on youtube, u'll be able to find a video of the professionals playing =)

To start, someone has to push the 22kg stone thingy off (requires alot of technic to do it properly), down the lane and aim it at the target right at the end. Goal would be to get the stone into the target zone. (and hit the other team's stones out) - click on photo below to have a zoomed-in view.

His team mates are lined up ahead, geared with Brooms, ready to sweep/scrub at the ice ahead of the stone, to allow it to go faster to progress into the target zone.

the hilarious and vigorous sweeping scene..

anyway, i was in the same team as the BIG boss. and i didn't even know!! =P yep.. and the stone slab was reli heavy so my "push" didnt send it far and my team mates (read: big boss) have to sweep like mad. haha. talk abt getting on the gd books of ur big boss. getting him to sweep like mad for u dun exactly make the mark..

our team lost in the end. haha. oh well.. but we all had great fun! =)

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